T11-Virtual Assistant

Who the heck is Dee Medlin and what the heck is a T11VA? 

Hi There!  My name is Dee Medlin and I am the Founder of T11VA.

I have specialized in remote back-office support services since the dark ages (2007).  At that time, I plunged head-first into the world of entrepreneurship and launched Title 11 Virtual Assistant.  Initially, I  provided specialized legal support services to licensed attorneys nationwide.  Title 11 is the U.S. Code for Bankruptcy, hence the ‘specialized support services’ and VA stands for Virtual Assistant.  I successfully operated this business for almost a decade before re-branding the business to Remote  Solutions For Professionals.  Maybe you found me today from my legal associations?  Stick around, I may still be of service to you!

Prior to launching T11VA, I worked in the Tech-Sector for almost 30 years at 2 Fortune-500 companies.  I’ve played significant roles as an Executive Assistant to Software Development QA, Analyst, and and Customer Support.  Yup, I’m as loyal as they come and so very grateful to have learned from the best!

I know first-hand all things ‘ployed’ – employed, unemployed, and self-employed.

Fast forward to 2017, T11VA turns 10 years old.  I’ve had a well deserved make-over, expanded solutions to include small website creation, social media management, blogging, and will be introducing sister-site, TotalleeDee (for the foodie in me).  More on that to follow!

I remain specialized in solo/small business support services.  I love to help people be successful.  I love a start-up and planting seeds that will grow an amazing brand.  I motivate success.

Testimonials for a decade of service:

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